This is a department of medicine, where there are experts who can wisely inject the anesthesia to the patients. because of this process patients are carried out of surgeries without any distress or inconvenience. May it be minor or major surgery, an anesthetist plays a vital role. Ever since the beginning of surgeries at Naik Nursing Home, we have had the best team of anesthesiologists available. They were not only dedicated to their work but possessed wide experience in the management of all types of complicated cases.

In our new Venture Naik Multispecialty Hospital and trauma center we again provide with the best team of anesthesiologist along with modern anesthesia work stations and latest equipment like fibre optic bronchoscopes, anesthesia trolly etc. In order to make your surgical experience safe and stress free, provisions for both general and regional anesthesia or combination are made. Care for the patients who’d undergo a surgery begins with pre-anesthetic check-up (PAC), throughout surgery and continues beyond surgery in post-Operative recovery room, through our immensely trained anesthesiologists, until they are fit to be shifted to the wards. 

Soon we will be providing service for regional analgesia or say painless labor along with our esteemed anesthesiologists, in order to make your birthing journey painless and remarkable. Infrastructure:

  1. The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at NMH provides quality anesthesia services to all patients undergoing surgery in all Operation Theatres with latest equipment’s, which include world class multi parameter monitors, ventilators, TEE machines, Video Laryngoscope, Fibre-optic bronchoscope, Glide scope and many others.
  2. Round-the-clock availability of highly-specialized and well-experienced consultant doctors for anesthesia services for Pre, Peri, and Post-operative care.
  3. Round-the-clock availability of Consultants for Day Care Services and for short therapeutic & diagnostic procedures


  1. Painless delivery services
  2. Trauma and pain management
  3. Sports injury pain management
  4. Musculo-skeletal, abdominal pain, cancer related pain etc.

Specialist :  Dr.Vibha kastwar , Dr.Pankaj Sharma ,Dr.Sunita Parihar ,  Dr.Neha verma