Dental And Maxillofacial Surgery Department

Dr.Richa Gupta Naik

Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeon

B.D.S, M.D.S, F.A.D Experience: 07 years

It is a surgical specialty of dentistry, that deals with treating all disease of oral cavity, injuries, malformation of mouth and jaws. The range of procedures includes surgical removal of wisdom teeth, dental implants, cysts in the jaws, cosmetic surgery and smile makeover. Dr.Richa Naik leads this department in our hospital . she has 07 years of experience in this field.


  1. Preventive dentistry.
  2. tooth colored filling or silver filing on teeth
  3. fixed and removable denture / flexible dentures, ceramics and metal capping
  4. rotary root canal treatment (RCT) , single sitting Root canal treatment
  5. fix braces for irregular teeth
  6.  6.pediatric dentistry for children 
  1. diagnosis and management for gum diseases
  2. oral and maxilla-facial surgeries, removal of wisdom tooth, treatment of jaw cyst tumour and jaw fracture, surgery for reduced mouth opening
  3. implant placement
  4. full mouth rehabilitation
  5. dental treatment for cardiac patients, cancer patients
  6. cosmetic and aesthetic dental procedures -teeth whitening (bleaching), smile design


1.automatic dental chair set up

  1. RVG-supported portable dental X-rays
  2. rotary motor and apex locator for RCT
  3. ultrasonic fiber optics scaler units

5.light cure composite unit

  1. fiber optic airotoe hand piece

7.portable dental laser

8.autoclave / sterilization protocols to ensure safety for all patients

Specialist:  Dr.Richa Naik