Pathology Department

Dr Shraddha Laddhad Teja


MBBS, M.D. Pathology Fellowship in Cytopathology Experience: 6 years

In order to provide one stop diagnostics and treatment facilities Naik Multispecialty hospital and trauma center has its own “in house” pathology lab. This reduces the  stress related to investigations and provide us with prompt reports to reach our diagnosis soon . 

The Lab is equipped with latest technology kits for appropriate results. Routine test like hormones, tumor markers, vitamins and therapeutic drug monitoring is carried out on daily basis at our lab. Biopsies taken are sent to our lab for histopathology. Histopathology enables us to know the manifestation of any disease. 

The diagnosis is determined by the examination of cells and tissues under the microscope. Provisions for immunoassay, hematology, clinical pathology, cytology and microbiology are readily made available. Along with these highly specialized investigation, routine investigation services are also available. Pathology services extends to both in house patients and outdoor patients. We have well trained and experienced laboratory technicians and an expert pathologist who can thoroughly check these results.