General Surgery

Dr.Danny Naik

General Surgeon



This surgical specialty focuses mainly on organs like oesophagus , stomach , small bowel , colon , liver , pancreas , gallbladder , bile ducts and often thyroid gland . it also deals with diseases involving skin, breast soft tissues, trauma, peripheral vascular surgery and hernias. Our hospital have been dealing with surgical emergencies since 1985, under the guidance of Dr.Danny Naik . Having said that, we are well equipped to handle surgical emergencies like appendicitis, cholecystitis, intestinal obstruction, trauma, abscess, hernia repair and wound repair. We Ace the diagnosis, pre-operative, operative and postoperative patient care. Dr.D. Naik introduced GI endoscopy for the first time in Jabalpur in 1985.


 Various types of surgeries are performed at NMH

  1. General surgery: hydrocoele / varicocele / varicose vein surgery / ulcer, wound and abscess surgeries / excision of swelling or lumps / lymph node biopsies / circumcision
  2. Hernias : ventral hernia / incisional hernia / inguinal hernia / femoral hernia (facilities for   both open and laparoscopic management available )
  3. Trauma and amputation
  4. Thyroid: nodule / cyst / cancer / hyperthyroidism management
  5. Breast: abscess / lump / cancer management / breast conserving surgery / mastectomy / biopsies
  6. GI endoscopies for GERD / GI ulcers / peptic ulcers
  7. Gall bladder stones: open and laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  8. Others: Appendicectomy by open and laparoscopic methods / intestinal obstruction / diverticula / piles / fissures and fistula in ANO surgeries


  • The General Surgery department at NMH offers tertiary care facilities i.e. conventional as well as laparoscopic surgical procedures from very simple small swelling to most complicated trauma & other surgeries.
  • Surgeon’s work closely with other specialists involved in each patient’s care to diagnose and provide timely surgical intervention for complex conditions.
  • General Surgery department is supported by very well-trained Laparoscopic surgeon, Qualified Anaesthetist & Paramedical staff who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency cases.
  • The O.T complex encompasses modular OT rooms equipped with the latest and high-end instruments for both conventional and advanced laparoscopic surgeries
  • A minor procedure room for day-care surgeries
  • Adjacent preoperative & postoperative suite.

Specialist : Dr.Danny Naik , Dr.K.K Verma